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Looking backward...

History of scrollsawing.

Scrollsaw Fretwork was extremely popular from the mid 1800's through the 1930's. It's very difficult to say when & where in history Fretwork had it's beginnings but the basic Fretwork techniques & recognizable tools have been traced back to a famous French craftsman (Andre Charles Boulle) of Paris in the 1600's.

Where I spend my spare time.

My Background

Being born and raised in a lumberjack family in Alberta, Canada has surely aided in my desire to work with wood.
I have been involved in various types of woodworking for at least twenty five years and discovered how rewarding scrollsawing was about 15 years ago. I started sawing simple patterns and have moved up to the more ornate Fretwork designs. (Now, if I only had more time to do it.)

Working on a scrollsaw has become and will always be my favorite form of woodworking.